The players of mobile games know that there is a racing game that is top quality – Asphalt Xtreme. All luxury towers that you see being driven in real life can be taken for a walk in this title. The biggest difference between the actual conduct of life and the mobile line is that you can perform amazing tricks with these coûtieux vehicles.


We know the steps and multiplayer aspects of the mobile runner can get a little bit overwhelming at times, so we’ll give you some tips on how to conquer the road.

Here are the top 10 tips / tricks / cheats you will need to run perfectly in Asphalt Xtreme

1. try to win every star on each stage
Asphalt Xtreme consulting

the stars to unlock that can be seen on stages are used when it comes to Copping new races and seasons. The stars are also good when it comes to buy items in. Each time you win a new star, which helps unlock bonus money of a time that can be achieved at the end of each race. Try to aim for this unique bonus for more money by completing each race.

2. If you go to buy something, buy these packs of cars
Asphalt Xtreme Tips

You might not want to spend a little money in the real world on this game, but if you do, go ahead and buy these cars packs. Car Packs include vehicles that belong to all car classes. Try and buy one of these packs of cars from the beginning of your time with the game. It is better to buy a pack of cars with car classes that you do not have to buy packs of end cars game with cars that you already have.

3. Explore Each card maximum
Asphalt Xtreme Tips players offered some advice on the best thing to do each step:

This is probably one of the most important tips for playing Asphalt Xtreme. Each card has loads of roads alternatives, secret passages and shortcuts. Some of them are shorter, longer, and navigation difficulty varies. To ensure victory, you must master these routes and find the one that best fits your driving style, while making sure to get an edge on the competition. The best way to do this is to simply play again and again each while taking mental notes of where the paths diverge and where the computer likes to go.

4. Become Masterful adrift
Asphalt Xtreme Tips also listed some details regarding the drift:

One of the best ways to earn steady supply of nitro is drifting during curves. Drift is as easy as pressing the pause button, which starts drifting (a quick tap will end fashion drift). While drifting, you can not only maintain the speed at a curve, but you also earn nitro, which, as noted above, is very important.

5. Keep your car safe by storing the tracks
If you are looking to keep intact your walks, it is best to store the tracks of provisions for the most dangerous situations. Keep your eyes on the steps and you will come to recognize all the tracks and turns that could damage your turn.

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Fifa 17 Tips For Building a Pro Team


Emphasize the collective

While it is always exhilarating to bring the best players in the club at each post, be aware that this is rarely paid on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. Try it, especially at first, to have a team of 100% collective agreement. Your best players will put on the field and will be at full capacity.

 Follow the news

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team is a game mode that is regularly updated with new information, new events, etc. Not to miss anything during the year, we recommend the excellent free fifa 17 coins  that relays all information about FIFA 17 Ultimate Team and how to get free coins.

12. Earn credits with the purchase / resale

Want to be a dream team, but you do not have the time or the level to win many votes? Lean on purchase / resale.

  • The taxes

The most important is to always take into account the 5% tax on a sale. For example, if you sell a player in the final price of 1 000 credits, you will receive only 950 credits. The remaining 50 credits will go to the market. Therefore, if you buy a player in 2000 credits in order to make a profit of at least 500 credits, it will put on sale from 2700 appropriations.

  • The dimension of the players

It is essential before buying and selling a player, to know its exact value on the market. For this, please visit to get free coins to get the best players. It will let you know the market value of each player and therefore to adjust your resale.

  • The mass sale

Last but not least, most methods work on mass sales. Therefore, it is strongly advised to have an exchange battery maximum or 100 elements. Plus you have players on sale, plus the benefits are significant.

Popular Technical

Here are some technical buying / reselling that work each year on FIFA Ultimate Team.

  • The Tech 59

The goal here is to buy a player at the lowest price and that from his appearance on the transfer market. so you must select a player to immediately purchase price equal to the lowest price and restart the search to find at this price. The technique is quite time consuming and can take time.After, there is more to sell it by making a profit.

  • The Jet Tech

This method involves buying a player with a style, at least 15 contracts and 99 shaped at the lowest price. You apply two contracts of gold and rare and you sell the 10% to 15% more expensive. astuce fifa 17

  • Tech FUT Millionaire 

One method, well known now, is to buy gold and few players at the lowest price, 99 shaped and 7 contracts. You can win between 700 and 800 credits on each resale.

Stay Tuned For more Updates.

FIFA 17 Games


You dream of being the boss of your band mates in FIFA? Here are 10 tips that can help you accomplish this ultimate goal. The God to FIFA, it is you!


There was a time when footballers as Sergio Busquets, Xabi Alonso or Thiago Motta could not find their place in the video game. But on FIFA 17, these players monstrous football IQ and the direction of the pass is no longer in doubt, can finally prove useful. The great novelty of FIFA 17 is the construction of the game. Exit big breakthroughs that we all went crazy way to a game licked, constructed and thoughtful. FIFA 17 is for Barca, Bayern and PSG!





In order to promote the construction of the game, EA Sports has set up a combination that allows us to make very supported assists. With a technically clean player, a good resting passes (X + R1 on PS4) to pierce the lines often proves appropriate. A delight.





In a game where construction has (finally) taken over cons, the recovery of the ball has become a major issue during matches. One good tip is to press with a player and select another to try to put in the path of enemy passes. Press and anticipate the same time, this is the key to recycling craft!





In an attempt to take if the opponent, the game on the side and centers are nice options. Ras land, halfway normal or centers, you absolutely must make the right choice at the time T. In this album, the chance to wind a center has taken a little more important. Attackers will come pleasure in placing a headbutt to receiving a perfectly brushed caviar.





To draw the set pieces, we have to work! But some tricks allow you to send two or three kicks in the corner. For example you can roll your ball with the left stick after putting the power of your strike, or take power by holding L1 when you measure out the power of your shot. Astuce FIFA 17





You’ve probably noticed, it became complicated enough to score from a corner. The defenses are marking and the guardians tend to come out. One trick might make things easier. Before kick a corner, make mine to play the two before sending the ball near the penalty spot. Space becomes available at the near post and allow one of your players to come and place a head.





Whether in career mode or online, cleavers matches always put your finishing strain. A good way to enter is to watch the goalie moving. When it is moving and coming your way, the wound will be in order. When he stays on his line, the big hits just below the bar is then often required. FIFA 17 Hack





Enter a defense is not an easy thing to FIFA 17. In an attempt to destabilize the defenders, multiply the “one to two”, you can also end up with a lob pass (L1 + Triangle on PS4). Finally, make mine to seek “one to two” to the initial smuggler remains in motion and demand the ball. You will have the opportunity to use the triangle at stake if a third player into the action.





Like a boxing match, a FIFA match also wins tactically. From the first minutes, you definitely have identified the profile of your opponent and his playing style. Look also its weak points and hit where it hurts. Finally, avoid having stereotyped play. Alternate eg different types of passes (supported in depth in feet, long, short, lobed). FIFA 17 Ultimate team hack coins





It is not always necessary to go for the best teams in the game, namely the “5 stars” to win games, especially as the online mode of FIFA allows a balancing of meetings. Feel free to pick the teams to 4 stars to find your happiness, whether in the type of players you like, or the type of game to exercise (in possession game, short passes, game counter attack, long balls, etc.). Adjust all with the strategies proposed by match play (possession, pressing, etc.), and voila. But be careful, find “Shoe Fits” does not happen overnight! FIFA 17 Hack



These tips could help you progress. But frankly, some from very far.

Clash Royale Games

Clash Royale- 6 tips to win your battles

6 tips to win your battles

Arena fights are all basic Clash Royale. If at first they are easy and loss Trophies is very low after a defeat, it changes very quickly. You can very quickly be blocked in an arena as you are unable to string together victories. Do not worry, I know that frustrating feeling where it stagnates in the same number of trophies as soon as you win a fight you lose the one after. With these 6 tips on fighting, I hope to help you climb the rankings!

  1. Do not rush

As I said in my article on tips for start Clash Royale , the key to victory is to coordinate your actions. Send troops as soon as possible is unnecessary and a waste of elixirs against your opponent because any single card can not do much. Take time to think, to analyze the game, understand the deck your opponent and estimate its number of elixir.
For this early in the game, do not send troops before 10 essences. For example, if you send your pig Rider once you have 4 elixirs, your opponent can counter you very easily and take advantage while you lost 4 elixirs. Also, do not place a tower if your opponent has not sent troops because it will just have to wait for it to destroy before attacking. After 10 elixirs, you will have two possibilities:

  • Send your troops first:  the advantage of this choice is that you will take advantage elixir if your opponent does not play along. Indeed, it will be still stuck at 10 essences. Or send you directly the big expensive troops elixir or you can just send cards to 2-3 elixirs to see what will make your opponent. If you send large cards, follow tip # 3 to have time to earn elixirs and do a combo. The risk of this technique is that your opponent can send cards to address you and thus gain an advantage over the game.
  • Wait until your opponent plays: The big advantage of this choice is that you can easily counter your enemy and thus hold sway over him. This is what most players. This can be frustrating but sometimes it is better to wait. I even saw the Clash on TV, the top players do not fight for 1 minute!

During the game, it will also take your time. After understanding the deck your opponent, play strategically. For example, if you play a deck with Knight / Rider pig and your opponent has cards like horde of skelettes, wait until it has used them before sending your card because if you do you counter easily. In addition, defense phase, in stress, it may happen that too many cards are sent both while only one would have been enough. So stay zen and thoughtful!

  1. The management of the elixir is the key

In part, you and your opponent could get the same number of elixirs. What will make the difference between you, so their management. To get the advantage over your opponent, the goal is to win more than him. For this we must not spoil cards and especially try to beat your opponent’s cards with cards that cost less elixir. For example if your opponent plays a horde of gargoyles and you shoot arrows above, you will earn 2 elixirs because the arrows cost only 3 elixirs and the horde 5. By accumulating these gains, you’ll be able to take control of your opponent .

  1. Place your cards wisely

The placement of your cards is also important to win. It must adapt to situations. However, there are still some tips that you must have in mind.
If you play a deck based on tanks (Giant PEKKA, etc.), two options are possible for the card’s investment strategy. It may be interesting to make it appear behind your turns. Indeed, the idea is to take advantage of its slow movement to win elixirs and do a combo with other cards. If you turn your Giant behind your base, you can then combine it with a Witch and a Musketeer before he crosses the bridge. The problem is that your opponent will also have time to defend themselves. If he uses all his elixirs to defend, then you can make a diversion by sending a strong DPS on the other side. However, following a successful defense, it is advisable to show your big cards as close to the border to enjoy your advantage elixir. We must therefore make your choice depending on the situation.
Another tip to avoid losing all your troops in a shot arrow, a fireball or a witch, is to place your troops in a circle around the target. This way, your opponent can not target all your troops together. In defense, it may be interesting to place the remote units behind the tower to protect and use them for cons-attack. In addition, to protect a tower or counter a Knight, it may be useful to place cards at low cost elixirs front of the tower so that the opponent can not attack the tower directly. This is especially important to counter the Knight and his dependents. You can use Skelettes (1 elixir), a witch who calls the skelettes or goblins (2 elixirs).

  1. Concentrate on one turn at a time

The parties are fast and can be very tight to avoid a draw, it is important to focus on one turn at a time. Focus your troops on the one with the lowest point of life. If you have the advantage, you can then play defense to get in the worst case a victory at 1-0. However, there are exceptions. Indeed, it may be interesting to do a split push attacking another round with a Prince or a pig Rider a diversion (see tip No. 5 ). Your opponent can not defend the two towers at the same time.

  1. Make diversions

Some parts can be real battles trenches in which you are unable to pierce the defenses of your opponent. Faced with this situation, the key is to create diversions. For this, please send a tank (eg Géant) or a strong DPS (Prince / Rider pig / Witch / Mini Dragon, etc.) on the other opponent’s turn to create confusion. If the opponent decides to defend the other tower, you will have the opportunity to destroy the first tower. Conversely if the opponent decides not worry about your diversion, then you can destroy the other tower.

  1. Orient the fight on your lap with the most life

To defend effectively, try to always keep the fight to your tower with more life. It can sometimes be difficult to change line when you dominate the opponent. For this, please send a Prince, a giant or a witch as soon as possible on the other tower. If your opponent takes his turn, he must defend, then you can continue to send troops on this tower which will change the side of the front line.

I hope these tips will help you improve your ratio of wins and climb in the arenas. If you have comments or other tips, feel free to share! Finally, if you missed my 6 tips for a good start Clash Royale, please go ahead and visit Clash Royale Hack .